Karl LangtonA longtime piano teacher, Norah Langton, who died in 2009, dreamed of having a community orchestra where young and old, with varying levels of ability, could play together - simply for the love of music. In honour of his mother, Karl Langton fulfilled this dream by starting a community orchestra!

September 2012, word went out about the start of Brantford's own community-based orchestra. Criteria for becoming a member was being a resident of Brantford, having the ability to read and play music with some fluency, supplying your own instrument, being available to practice on Wednesday evenings and pay the membership fee.

The Brantford Community Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Deb McLoughlin, now has 40 members ranging in age from 14 to 70+. We are still in need of more string players!

Shortly after the orchestra was formed they were given a project to do. They recorded some music to accompany North Park Collegiate's Christmas musical, Peter Pan. On Sunday, May 26, 2013 the orchestra presented its first public concert at New Covenant Church, Holiday Drive. Since then, they have played at Harmony Square for their summer concert program.

Ever dream of playing in an orchestra, but you're not a professional musician?
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