The Bell City Band

The Bell City Concert Band is an instructional band consisting mainly of students (all ages) who have completed Years 1 to 3 of The Brantford School of Instrumental Music. Others have joined who were looking for an avenue to play their instrument, but weren’t ready for the Symphony Orchestra or Memorial Band. Paul Nicholson, Director, continues to develop the musicians ability to be able to play music, instead of just reading notes; instills the importance of reading and implementing the musical expression and articulation that will make a song memorable; and teaches the group to listen and blend with the other integral instrumental parts. Being an instructional band means the musicians still work on technique along with learning pieces. It also means the musicians can go over a part as many times as the Director deems necessary. The eager musicians do not complain, because it is exciting to master a piece of music together. Paul is a patient, enthusiastic, but determined director. He wants the musicians of The Bell City Concert Band to get good solid training, preparing them for the next step!

The Year 2013/14 was the debut for The Bell City Concert Band to play as a prelude to the Sunday Serenade Series performed by The Brantford Memorial Concert Band. This is a great opportunity for the band to gain performing experience in a public setting. The music sounds so much different outside the band hall! Those that come to the Sunday Serenade know that this is a band in training, and have been very supportive.

Bell CIty Band in Action

If you have a brass/woodwind instrument sitting in a closet, why not get it out, and start making music again!

To get involved with The Bell City Band, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..