The Brantford School of Instrumental Music

The Brantford School of Instrumental Music was originally organized in 1931 as the Brantford Boys Band. Over the years, hundreds of young men and women have passed through the organization with some making music their profession.

Today, The Brantford School of Instrumental Music offers progressive musical instruction in First, Second and Third Year groups. As each student becomes experienced and exhibits an eagerness to learn, the student is promoted to the next level of training. Members are then recruited to the Bell City Concert Band and, ultimately, into the Brantford Memorial Concert Band.

The Brantford Memorial Concert Band presented its first series of Sunday Serenades in 1961. Sunday Serenades are presented four times a year (February, May, October and December) at The Brantford Convention Centre. Also, the band entertains at various senior citizen facilities in Brant County each spring. The Director of Music, Paul Nicholson, has the Band performing a wide variety of music to delight its audiences time and time again.

Organizational Goal

The Brantford School of Instrumental Music is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality musical training to its members of all ages.

Its mission is to strive for excellence in the teaching of instrumental music to all ages and provide an opportunity for the members to demonstrate their talents through the Bell City Band, the Brantford Memorial Concert Band and the Brantford COMMUNITY Symphony Orchestra, thereby enhancing excellence in the arts in Brant County.